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We help you lower your energy bills with our quality and cost effective caulking services.

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We are experts in caulking, old caulk removing, and re-caulking for residential homes, industrial and commercial buildings in Toronto and its surrounding areas since 2000.

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We are highly recommended by our customers; your trusted professional caulking service.

PT Caulking is your trusted caulking solution for home performance improvement.

We are committed to provide the best caulking services at the most affordable price to help owners of residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings in Ontario to lower their energy bills. Learn more about us.

Your trusted caulking solution

PT Caulking’s knowledgeable staff are experts at caulking and re-caulking. From windows and doors to pools and stucco, our friendly staff will advise you what options are best available to you.

What We Provide

Quality services using quality materials
PT Caulking uses the best quality caulking compounds to ensure that all our caulking services meet and exceed the high standard of quality and regulation set by the industry.
Cost effective caulking services
PT Caulking is committed to provide the best cost effective caulking solution to help you save your money by reducing air leakage, water damage, and pest infiltration in your house or building.
Experienced and reliable craftsmanship
PT Caulking is an expert at caulking, removing old caulking, and re-caulking. We are experienced in providing reliable caulking services to residential, commercial, and industrial homes and buildings.
Excellent reputation throughout industry
PT Caulking is well known throughout the industry for our commitment to continue pursuing and maintaining excellence in caulking, removing old caulk, and re-caulking.

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